Pare Lorentz Film Center

Critic Speaks Film Series

Collaborating with the International Documentary Association, and Spark Media Project in Poughkeepsie, New York, the Critic Speaks Film Series embraces the Lorentz vision of a documentary as being “a factual film which [has a] dramatic sensibility, activist spirit, and lyrical vision.”

Through the showing of Pare’s documentary films, modern documentary films, and classic feature films, the film series shares and promotes, with a new generation of viewers and future filmmakers, all the elements that Pare Lorentz believed made for solid film presentation.

Lorentz was one of the first to recognize that film’s true value lay not in its ability to merely entertain, but in its ability to inform and inspire audiences about particular issues or events and to entice them to consider a subject more deeply.

After viewing the films, panels and speakers engage the audience in discussion, and question and answer sessions.

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An example of one of our film festivals.

An example of one of our film festivals.